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Published on
May 23rd, 2024

Why Is My Water Heater Leaking From the Overflow Pipe?

A leaking water heater is a serious problem for any NYC apartment building owner. But when the leak is coming from the overflow pipe, it’s a sign of potential danger.  The overflow pipe is a safety feature designed to release water when the pressure or temperature inside the tank gets too high. Therefore, the question,

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Published on
May 20th, 2024

What Does It Mean When a Sink Gurgles but Drains Fine?

Sink drains are generally quiet. Well-designed drains allow water to flow smoothly without much turbulence, resulting in minimal noise. Proper venting in the system also ensures air balance, contributing to quieter draining. When a sink gurgles but drains fine, it indicates something is amiss. Unusual noises from your plumbing system typically indicate problems. While occasional

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Published on
May 16th, 2024

How Does an Electric Motor Work? A Quick Overview

Have you ever wondered how an electric motor works? These workhorses power countless appliances throughout your building, from washers and dryers to massive pumps essential to building operations. Discover the fascinating engineering and principles of electric motors and how they convert electricity into torque within various building pumps. How Does an Electric Motor Work? The

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Published on
May 9th, 2024

How Long Do Different Types of Water Heaters Last?

On average, how long does a water heater last? You can expect a water heater to last 8-20 years on average. The primary contributor to water heater lifespan is the type. Tankless models last significantly longer than traditional tank models. Water quality also plays a role in the longevity and reliability of the appliance, with

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Published on
May 6th, 2024

Addressing a High Water Bill When There Is No Visible Leak

Unexplained high water bills can send a ripple of financial worry through any New York City apartment building owner. Not only do owners worry about the charges, they worry about the potential causes. A high water bill with no visible leak can point to hidden problems and costs. Discover how to identify hidden issues and

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Published on
April 29th, 2024

The Pros and Cons of 5 Common Types of Heating Systems in Apartments

As a New York City building owner, you know that choosing the right heating system is a balancing act between tenant comfort and NYC regulations. With an expansive heating season, you must ensure that your building’s heating system and output are even and efficient enough to provide consistent temperatures. The types of heating systems in

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Published on
April 25th, 2024

All About the Invention of the Dishwasher

The dishwasher saves time and improves hygienic cleaning, and modern designs reduce water usage and improve energy efficiency. The invention of the dishwasher did not occur overnight; it is an engineering feat that underwent several iterations, building off the ingenious work of several inventors. Discover who invented the dishwasher and how it developed into the

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Published on
April 22nd, 2024

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need?

Air compressors are integral to many operations in your apartment complex. While the device is helpful for powering air tools for maintenance and construction tasks, most building owners are likely more interested in the device for HVAC purposes. As a property owner, when an HVAC air compressor fails or is reaching the end of its

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Published on
April 15th, 2024

Why Does My Water Heater Make Noise?

Why does my water heater make noise? It’s a common enough question but not specific enough to diagnose a cause. In general, water heaters and all mechanical devices make some noise, although most are quiet. People often question the noises produced when they are strange or out of the ordinary, like hissing, popping, or rumbling

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Published on
April 11th, 2024

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook RPZ Testing as Part of Your Spring Maintenance

Did you know that New York City has some of the strictest backflow prevention regulations in the country? Ignoring regulatory testing puts your property at risk contamination and you are at risk of fines and penalties. Avoiding annual requirements may also jeopardize tenants’ health. Reduced pressure zone valves are backflow prevention devices and require annual

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