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Luxury Bathroom Trends for 2022: New Plumbing Technology and Design Elements You’ll Want to Try

If you own property in New York City, you want to attract the most desirable tenants and charge competitive rates. Having beautiful bathrooms is one way to appeal to discerning renters. Here’s a look at the luxury bathroom trends for 2022 so you can see where upgrades might help you charge top dollar for your units.

Spa Elements

The ultimate in convenience

With people still staying home more than just a few years ago and a lot of ambiguity around the opening of spas and health clubs, many people are electing to turn their bathrooms into home spas. Some of the spa features you’ll see more and more this year include:

  • Walk-in showers (see below)
  • Thermostatic shower valves
  • Heated floors and towel bars
  • Huge drop-in soaking tubs and high-end jetted tubs
  • Tubs that produce mist or a waterfall effect into a catch basin in the base
  • Steam showers
  • Mood lighting
  • Sound and entertainment systems

Luxe Finishes

Expensive-looking baths

You can make a bathroom look more expensive than it is by paying attention to the finishes you use, even if you’re installing mid-priced fixtures. Marble never really went away, but it’s certainly more popular than ever. Outdoorsy natural finishes are hot right now too, such as bamboo, wood, and stone. Sometimes smooth and rough finishes are combined to give users a more tactile experience that looks unique and artsy.

Walk-In Showers and Wet Rooms

Easy and spacious

There’s nothing that says spa-like luxury more than an enormous walk-in shower. This type of shower is separate from a tub and may feature built-in benches and the utmost in showerheads (see below). They’re usually larger than regular showers with at least one glass wall, if not glass on three sides.

Wet rooms combine the concept of a walk-in shower with all-in-one bathrooms you might find in space-efficient European hotels or even RVs. These take bathroom luxury to another level, though, and are many times larger than their tiny prototypes. Both walk-in showers and wet rooms make cleaning easier, and there are no shower curtains or bath mats to fuss with. Kids love them because they can splash to their hearts’ content.

Multiple Showerheads

Time-saving solutions

Even in many high-end apartment buildings, couples still share one en suite bath. They can say goodbye to waiting for their turn in the shower with multiple showerheads that two people wash up at once. Parents appreciate them too for showering with little ones who can’t quite be on their own yet.

When you take the time to replumb and install several showerheads, it makes sense to go with the best models available. Rain heads, side sprayers, and detachable handles are in demand now, as are thermostatic and pressure-balance valves that let users set their temperature preferences for every shower. Black finishes on these shower fixtures are the latest in color trends.

Old-Fashioned Tubs and Vanities

Upcycled antiques and retro looks

For apartment dwellers who enjoy classic decor, old-fashioned bathtubs are all the rage right now. Freestanding clawfoot tubs are perennially in vogue, but alcove tubs, corner tubs, and Japanese style tubs are gaining ground, both new and upcycled from top salvage suppliers. White tubs dominate the color palette, but tubs in a range of hues, including black, are also adding interest to bathrooms.

Likewise, vanities aren’t modern in these baths but reflect the same nod to history. Some are made to look like they’re from the early 20th or 19th centuries, while others are custom-made from antique dressers and sideboards to accommodate basins and contemporary plumbing.

Slab Sinks and Chunky Fixtures

A solid look that hides plumbing

Slab sinks that hang low over the front of the vanity area are the bathroom’s answer to kitchen farm and slop sinks. These tend to look more mid-century, however, with large-scale faucets and taps that match in heaviness and scale. For those who don’t want to look at bathroom plumbing, a slab sink conceals it well.

Increased Storage

Clean surfaces and sleek lines

The tidying up and organizing trend has found its way into the bath. People are less interested in having personal belongings cluttering their vanity tops and more focused on hidden storage that gives the bathroom a clean, calm look. We often have to move sinks and tubs around to add more built-in storage, but it ultimately gives apartment bathrooms a more efficient layout that occupants appreciate. The perfect time to make these changes is when you’re upgrading a bathroom anyway, whether to modernize fixtures or add an in-unit washer and dryer.

Smart Toilets

A continuation of the Japanese toilet trend

Japanese toilets with sound and deodorizing features have been a mega hit in the US for a few years. Smart toilets are somewhat similar, in that they go beyond the standard toilet with extra features for both convenience and improved hygiene like:

  • Hands-free flushing
  • Automatic seat closing
  • Ultraviolet sanitation
  • Seat warmers
  • Lights with colors
  • Bidet water temperature control

Elegant Light Fixtures

Taking bathrooms to a new level

There’s no need to confine chandeliers and statement light fixtures to the living room or dining room. They’re showing up in bathrooms now – another reflection of how much time folks are spending at home, so why not make every room of the apartment as luxurious as possible? Wall sconces are another top addition, which can add brightness or be dimmed for relaxation as desired.

High Tech Extras

Little luxuries that make a big difference

Adding centralized controls is becoming the norm in other parts of the apartment (window treatments, heat, lights, security, etc.). So, it was only a matter of time before this showed up in New York City bathrooms too. Renters love it when they control their beautiful light fixtures and towel warming bars from a smart home hub or mobile device.

Other top bathroom luxuries that are high on everyone’s list right now include:

  • Water leak prevention and notification systems with remote shutoff
  • LED nightlights in the toilet (motion sensor)
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • Wi-Fi-controlled sump pumps for basement and low-level apartments
  • Touch-free faucets (voice-activated, foot-controlled, or motion sensor)
  • Warming drawers for pajamas, bathrobes, and infant clothing
  • Cooling cabinetry for medications
  • Smart mirrors that display the weather, traffic, etc.
  • Voice-activated lighting
  • Mold-resistant shower surrounds
  • Automatic ventilation systems that detect bathroom humidity
  • Smart bath mats that provide weight and body mass index
  • On-demand water heaters
  • Essential oil diffusers and misters for aromatherapy

Want to run a bath while you finish up work for the day? It’s safer and easier than ever before with Kohler’s PerfectFill technology that fills the tub on voice command to a predetermined depth and temperature (great for children and seniors too).

The sky’s the limit when it comes to luxury bathroom options this year. When it’s time to upgrade your property’s baths, Sanitary Plumbing welcomes the opportunity to consult with you. Call us at 212-734-5000 or use our online form to schedule an appointment soon.

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